About Me

Good morning, good afternoon, or more likely happy 11:37PM-should be sleeping, but you somehow ended up here (and I’m so glad you did!) 

My Name is Emily, I’m a wife and mom, with a love of the outdoors, and an incurable sweet-tooth!

There are three things I passionately believe in this life:

  1. Everything happens in God’s perfect timing, even if we don’t like it
  2. If you do what you love, it’s still hard work…
  3. Most people (myself included) want to be doing more than they currently are


I have started a few careers that I thought would take me to retirement, but ended up falling through for one reason or another.

  • Taxidermist (yes, weird, I know) – Got burnt out 
  • Group Fitness Instructor – The gym I worked at went bankrupt
  • Part-owner of a Gym – That one was just a colossal failure (maybe I’ll tell you about it one day…)
  • Nuclear Security Officer – I had a baby and decided staying home was more important

And now…

I’m a stay at home mom, doing my best to raise my son, while maintaining a healthy marriage, and trying to fit in a little time to remember who I am!

What you’ll find here

Burning Marshmallows is all about trials, failures, and (hopefully) successes!

Everything from raising babies, going on family adventures, taking on new hobbies, learning new skills, and plenty of things I haven’t even thought of yet, do you have ideas?

I’m on a mission to be more intentional with the time I have and make lasting memories with my family! I hope you’ll join me!

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